Dementia New Zealand is a Charitable Trust, and does not have members in the same way an incorporated society does. Four trustees have been appointed by Dementia Auckland (2), Dementia Waikato (1) and Dementia Canterbury (1). The Trust Deed provides for the appointment of further trustees. The details about how this will develop are being considered by the trustees of Dementia New Zealand.

There are several ways an organisation can formalise a relationship with Dementia New Zealand, including-

  1. Having a role in selecting trustees if that organisation (or a collective of organisations) serves a significant portion of the population (in the order of 10% of the New Zealand population). Trustees are selected to ensure an appropriate range of skills and knowledge in the governance of Dementia New Zealand, and an ability to represent national sector interests.
  2. By becoming affiliates: community based providers of services to people with dementia and their care partners. Such affiliates will be entitled to access all activities of Dementia New Zealand including the intellectual property of Dementia New Zealand.

Organisations choosing either of the above options will be able to show that they belong to a National Dementia organisation. Community Dementia organisations are invited to contact Dementia New Zealand if they would like to discuss possibilities.