Dementia New Zealand exists to support the delivery of high-quality services by organisations working in the community.

To achieve this Dementia New Zealand:

  1. Develops and provides peer-reviewed information resources for community use, with local branding for Affiliates. Makes resources available for free downloading from the Dementia New Zealand website. Maintains, adds to, and updates this information.
  2. Offers regional use of 0800 4 Dementia.
  3. Provides and maintains a website with links to participating regional organisations.
  4. Freely offers downloadable, Dementia New Zealand branded resources for anyone who wants to use them.
  5. Furnishes Dementia New Zealand  branding use by organisations joining Dementia New Zealand at the appropriate level of relationship.
  6. Supports and encourages collaboration between community dementia service providers to implement best practice policy and documentation.


Dementia New Zealand was formed in late 2016 and is developing to meet aspirations to:

  1. Listen to front-line organisations to collate and communicate their responses on national issues / public conversations of interest, to the relevant parties of influence.
  2. Promote the voices of people experiencing dementia.
  3. Co-ordinate and promote service-provider participation in dementia research projects.
  4. Network with others and share information through social media.
  5. Co-ordinate and distribute fundraising and sponsorship with Dementia organisations.
  6. Promote sector experts to advise on dementia service delivery.