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Living with dementia isn’t always easy. Whether you’ve been diagnosed yourself, or you would like to support someone you know, we are here to help.

Our Dementia New Zealand Network covers over 70% of the New Zealand population currently living with Dementia.

We provide:

  • Guidance for people navigating their way to getting a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Support services for care partners, families and people living with dementia – individual support for carers and families, Carer Support Groups, meaningful activity groups for people living with mild to moderate dementia and still live in their own homes
  • Education and information for people whose lives are affected by dementia – Carer Education session, Masterclasses, and specialist topic sessions
  • Education for community groups, professional groups, residential facilities
  • Anti-stigma and awareness campaigns for the general public


Why support is important

The journey through dementia is a challenge but you do not have to do it alone. Dementia New Zealand provides support and access to valuable information to help you understand the diagnosis, plan for the future, cope with changes that dementia brings and manage to live the best life you can despite the dementia.


Who we help

Our Dementia New Zealand Network is committed to supporting:

  • people living with all forms of dementia
  • carers and families of people living with dementia
  • health care professionals and other services supporting people living with dementia

We deliver local community based services face-to-face, by telephone, or online depending on your needs or location.


Get support to live well with dementia

A referral to our Dementia New Zealand Network connects people living with dementia with the right community support services to enable them to live their best life.

Speak to someone – call our National Dementia Helpline on 0800 444 776

Visit your GP for an assessment – your GP will refer you to your local Dementia New Zealand community service provider

Family/Whānau Referral – complete the online contact form

Information to take homeDownload printable resources to help someone living with dementia better understand their diagnosis and services available.


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