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How to get involved

We rely on the generous support of our community who contribute through fundraising, donations and volunteering. Here’s more on how you can help.

We’ve made it our mission to challenge perceptions around dementia, and provide guidance and support so that those affected will have the freedom and confidence to continue to make the most of every day.

We rely on the generous support of our community to provide those with dementia, their carers and their whanau with the support they need.

There are several ways you can fundraise, show support and help
raise awareness in your own community.
Here are just a few of the ways you can make a difference.

Make a donation

Donations received from people just like you go directly towards supporting families who are on a journey with dementia. The financial contribution you provide plays a significant part in ensuring they feel supported and best prepared for that journey.

Together, we can make a difference.

Corporate support

Four out of five people in your community are affected by dementia. That means it’s likely a cause close to the hearts of your employees, your customers and your corporate networks.

Your business can show support for Dementia New Zealand in several ways while also demonstrating the values and community-minded ethos behind your brand.

Together, we can raise awareness and ensure that our communities have the support and guidance they need.

Strategic partnership

A strategic partnership with Dementia New Zealand is a positive way to connect your community values with our objectives. We’ll take the time to understand what’s important to you, and how our organisation can provide reciprocal support in helping your business achieve its community goals.

By engaging your customers and workforce in activities that positively contribute to their community, you create opportunities that motivate your staff, build a strong company culture, demonstrate your desire to act as a socially responsible organisation, and enhance your brand through positive PR and engaging fundraising activities.

Get your brand behind a well-respected charity that your corporate
community will feel proud to support.
Contact us to find out more about a strategic partnership with us.


Sponsoring a Dementia New Zealand event, initiative or project will align your company ethos
with an organisation that is making a positive difference in your community.

For us, sponsorship isn’t just about making an open-handed donation. It’s about sharing resources, skills and ideas for the mutual benefit of all. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities, with the potential to provide visibility, audience engagement and positive brand exposure for your business.

Join us in making a difference to the lives of those impacted by dementia. We’d love the opportunity to chat to you about how a sponsorship opportunity with Dementia New Zealand can help you achieve your business goals too.

Fundraise for us

Some ideas to get you started

There are plenty of ways to help us raise vital funds to support those who are affected by dementia. Where needed, our experienced team can provide support that will help make it an event to remember.

Support us with a special occasion

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration is an opportunity to do things differently.  Rather than giving or receiving gifts you can choose to support Dementia New Zealand by getting your guests to make a donation instead.

Support us at your next conference or event

Large events are a great opportunity to raise funds and spread awareness about the support Dementia New Zealand provides. We’ll support you at your event through a presentation about the work we do in your community.

Hold your own event

Organise a morning tea in your community, unclutter your home with a garage sale, plan a bingo evening or quiz night, arrange a raffle, plan a school mufti day, or get in the kitchen for a bake sale. Big or small, whatever event you choose, your efforts will help us continue our vital work supporting those living with dementia.

Take on a personal challenge

Push yourself for a great cause – the best bit is, there are almost no limits to the ways you can help raise much-needed funds! A ‘sponsored quit’, a physical challenge, kicking a habit, growing a beard or even a dramatic haircut is a great way to encourage your network to reach into their pockets and donate in support of people affected by dementia.

In the meantime, here are some ways to
get your fundraising plan started:

Make it easy for friends and family to donate

Register your initiative on a fundraising site like Everyday Hero or Givealittle. Not only is this a great way to make sure people are aware of your event, it will also take care of collecting donations safely and securely.

Decide on your challenge

Set some parameters around your challenge – what are you going to do and for how long? Challenge yourself, but remember to also be realistic with your goal!

Share your story

Provide plenty of detail on your fundraising page about why you felt inspired to fundraise for us. If you’d like any more info about Dementia New Zealand to put on your page, visit our About section, or send us an email at info@dementia.nz

Spread the word

Social media is a great way to rally support and spread the word about the challenge you’re undertaking. Promote it to colleagues, friends and family through email or company communication channels.

Document your journey

Take your supporters along for the ride with you. Take photos and keep them updated on your progress, and of course, your final results!

Give with a gift

Imagine knowing that your contribution can help transform the lives not just of someone affected by dementia, but their whanau, carers and community too.
When you gift financial support to Dementia New Zealand, you’re contributing to the on-going development of a dementia-friendly society, where those affected have guidance, support and importantly, hope for the journey ahead

There are a number of ways
we gratefully accept gifts:

A gift in celebration

Special occasions are a chance for you and your guests to contribute to your community in a positive way. Instead of buying gifts, your guests are requested
to make a donation to Dementia New Zealand through a personal celebration page or gift registry.

A gift in memory

What greater tribute than to donate in memory of a loved one. There is comfort in knowing that the passing
of your loved one can in some way leave a positive legacy that impacts the lives of many.

These donations are acknowledged to the family, but the financial contribution remains
confidential, and can be done in a number of ways:


via our donate page, or via a specific
page set up by a family


Click the “Donate” button at top right of this page and donate as much as you choose

Thank you!

Gift in your will

A gift in your will, no matter how small, is an incredible legacy to leave. Planned giving is a positive way of ensuring your finances or assets help people and causes that matter to you the most. The difference these gifts make cannot be underestimated, and we’re grateful to those who, in their own passing, help to ensure that others may continue to experience the help and guidance they need to live their life with comfort and support.

Your gift may be:

A specified amount
A particular item(s)
The residue of your estate after provision for family and beneficiaries.
A percentage of the value of your estate

Steps for including Dementia New Zealand in your will:

If you don’t already have a will, we encourage you to contact a trusted organisation like Public Trust, your solicitor or trustee. They will ensure your wishes are correctly and legally stated.

When considering a gift, we encourage you to take care of family and other loved ones first.

If you have an existing will, it’s easy to include a gift to Dementia New Zealand. Ask your solicitor to add a codicil, which is a short statement to be included.

The wording can be as follows:

“I give and bequeath to Dementia New Zealand Charitable Trust (CC54078) for its work taking care of individuals and carers affected by dementia [list here the percentage of estate, residue of estate or specific amount of money or items], free of all death and estate duties and I declare that the official receipt of Dementia New Zealand Charitable Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

If you have chosen to leave a gift for Dementia New Zealand in your will,
please tell us by using the Confidential Pledge Form.

If you have already left a gift in your Will to Dementia New Zealand, please let us know as we would love the opportunity to express our appreciation. We also respect those who wish to remain anonymous, and we equally express our gratitude to you.

Find out more

If you would like to know more or discuss your options with us,
please email info@dementia.nz

Enquiries regarding bequests to Dementia New Zealand will be treated with complete confidence.

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