A lasting gift: a future without dementia

A gift in your will, no matter how small, is an incredible legacy to leave. Planned giving is a positive way of ensuring your finances or assets help people and causes that matter to you the most. The difference these gifts make cannot be underestimated, and we’re grateful to those who, in their own passing, help to ensure that others may continue to experience the help and guidance they need to live their life with comfort and support.
A gift in your Will could help create a future where all people impacted by dementia receive the care and support they choose. Your gift, just like Barry and Heidi’s, means we can keep working towards a future without dementia.

Barry and I have received an enormous amount of quality support from Dementia New Zealand, both as individuals and as a couple. We decided the only way we could really support Dementia New Zealand financially was to give a gift through our Will – a simple decision really.

Your gift can help us to achieve more for people living with dementia. It can help advance crucial research, and it can fund the best services available via cutting-edge programs. For carers like Barbara, this can be absolutely vital.

The people at Dementia New Zealand make sure you don’t feel left alone. They help you connecting with people with the same challenges and they give you confidence and motivation to get out and get active.

There are a variety of ways to leave a gift to Dementia New Zealand in your Will. We recommend you consult a legal advisor, such as a solicitor or trustee.

Steps for including Dementia New Zealand in your will:

If you don’t already have a will, we encourage you to contact a trusted organisation like Public Trust, your solicitor or trustee. They will ensure your wishes are correctly and legally stated.
When considering a gift, we encourage you to take care of family and other loved ones first.
If you have an existing will, it’s easy to include a gift to Dementia New Zealand. Ask your solicitor to add a codicil, which is a short statement to be included.

The wording can be as follows:

“I give and bequeath to Dementia New Zealand Charitable Trust (CC54078) for its work taking care of individuals and carers affected by dementia [list here the percentage of estate, residue of estate or specific amount of money or items], free of all death and estate duties and I declare that the official receipt of Dementia New Zealand Charitable Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

If you have chosen to leave a gift for Dementia New Zealand in your will, please tell us.

If you have already left a gift in your Will to Dementia New Zealand, please let us know as we would love the opportunity to express our appreciation. We also respect those who wish to remain anonymous, and we equally express our gratitude to you.