Who we are

Dementia New Zealand is a national organisation that represents and supports six service delivery Affiliates. These are Dementia Auckland, Dementia Waikato, Dementia Hawkes Bay, Dementia Lakes, Dementia Wellington and Dementia Canterbury.

Together these organisations provide community dementia support services to areas
covering 70% of New Zealand’s population

Through awareness, education and support, it’s our mission to help improve the quality of life for those affected by dementia – not only individuals, but also their caregivers, whanau and support networks.

By providing advocacy and access to information that promotes wellness, increases independence and provides reassurance, we want to inspire and nurture a dementia-friendly society, where anyone affected feels supported and prepared for the journey ahead.

We’re stronger together

The significance of a dementia diagnosis reaches beyond the individual affected.
Families, networks and communities have a role to play in ensuring that we provide a safe and supportive society.

Dementia is now the third largest cause of death in New Zealand. With 50 million people affected globally, there are nearly
10 million new cases reported every year – one every three seconds. It has never been more important for us to understand,
and tackle, the largest health and social challenge of our time.

A shared vision

Dementia New Zealand is led by a professional team who each bring their own skill and insight to contribute to a strong, passionate organisation.
What unites us is our commitment to creating beneficial change in the lives of those affected by dementia, and to lead the conversation around
dementia in a more positive and constructive way in our communities.

Carol Fisher


I have been involved in a governance role with Dementia Lakes for over 15 years. My main professional interest is in the area of health services for older people.
I am committed to positioning DNZ to support their Affiliate Organisations, so enabling them to provide Best Practice services for people affected by dementia. The demand for services will continue to increase over the next 20 years. We know that good quality, support services have shown to assist both people with dementia and their care partners to live well at home and to remain engaged in their own communities for as long as possible.

Lisa Burns

GM - Marketing & Fundraising

The right message has the power to change hearts and minds. Which is why Lisa is committed to shining a light on the national conversation around dementia in order to de-stigmatise the condition. Lisa believes that with greater access to relevant and helpful information, those affected can let go of expectations to instead focus on the unique opportunity to embrace life and continue to celebrate moments of true joy. Inspired by a personal connection to dementia, and drawing on 18 years’ experience in events, sponsorship, project management, marketing and communications, Lisa aims to spread the word about good brain health and the collective difference that communities can make for a more dementia-friendly society.

Bruce Davis

GM – Finance

Originally from Christchurch, Bruce has worked in commercial accounting roles in Melbourne, Sydney, Christchurch and Hamilton throughout his career. This included roles with Winstones, DB Breweries and Daihatsu NZ. He was also the finance manager for National Heart Foundation for 13 years, until his retirement in November 2016. While he enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with his grandson, Bruce couldn’t stay away from number crunching for long. He was attracted to joining us because of the opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause while working part-time and still enjoying the lifestyle of semi-retirement. Bruce and his wife Anne, a registered nurse, enjoy making the most of opportunities to travel, in particular, indulging in their love of cruises.

Meet our trustees

Dementia New Zealand benefits from the strong governance of a highly regarded group of individuals who each bring a wealth of
experience. Their considerable combined knowledge allows us to leverage valuable business acumen, while their shared empathy and
passion towards supporting our community ensures we continue to deliver excellence through our services.

Jocelyn Weatherall


Jocelyn is the Chair of the Dementia Auckland board and Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. Jocelyn has a passion for offering practical assistance for those affected by dementia.

Frances Blyth

Deputy Chair

Frances is also Chair of Dementia Wellington and a member of the Ministry of Health NGO Council.

Carol Fisher

Carol has been Chairperson of Dementia Lakes for over 15 years.  She still works part time as a Registered Nurse with her main interest being in the area of health services for older people.

Cheryl Robinson

Cheryl has a background in nursing, working mainly in medical, elder care and mental health. She worked for eight years at the psychiatric unit in Hastings, at a time when this was the only service for people with a dementia related diagnosis.

Dr Mark Fisher

Dr Mark Fisher is a senior and experienced Consultant Psychiatrist who has worked in the areas of dementia and the Psychiatry of Old Age in Auckland, Bay of Plenty and the United Kingdom.

Michael Aitken

Michael Aitken brings with him significant experience in the delivery and management of health care, as well as experience in multiple governance roles.

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It is through the generous support that we receive from our business partners, event sponsors and attendees that we are able to continue to provide valuable support, education and awareness programmes to communities throughout New Zealand

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