Let’s Talk About Dementia – Tawa – May

Let’s Talk About Dementia – Tawa

Dementia Wellington has developed a series of talks to answer the most common questions we get about mate wareware dementia. Each topic will be presented by a subject matter expert, with opportunity for questions and discussion. These talks are open to anyone who supports somebody with dementia – you can register for all or just come along to one to find out about a specific topic. For Registration please see bottom of this page.

Session 1 – What is Dementia?

  • What is and isn’t dementia mate wareware
  • Normal Brain Function
  • Types of Dementia

Session 2 – Understanding Changes in Behaviour and Communication

  • Identifying changes in behaviour
  • Causes for changed behaviour including communication
  • Responding to changed behaviours to achieve a positive interaction

Session 3 – Preparing for Day Respite, Residential Respite and Long-term Care

  • Understanding and choosing respite options
  • Role of the Needs Assessment Service
  • Preparing for Long Term Care.

Session 4 – Staying Engaged and Active

  • Why are Activities Important?
  • Activities to maintain Brain Health for as long as possible.

Session 5 – Dealing with Grief and Loss

  • Difference between Ambiguous Loss and Normal Loss
  • Strategies to help a person with mate wareware dementia live with losses and grief.
  • Strategies to help Supporters live with losses and grief.

North Wellington – Tawa Anglican Church, 1 Lyndhurst Road, Tawa – Thurs 10am – 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May 2024 contact rachel@dementiawellington.org.nz or sheena@dementiawellington.org.nz for more information or to register.