Living Well with a Cognitive Impairment Workshop

Living Well with a Cognitive Impairment

After a diagnosis of a Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia/Mate Wareware, you may feel overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next

 This workshop could be the best next step for you

In these sessions, you will:

  • Learn about mild cognitive impairment and dementia/mate wareware.
  • Understand brain function.
  • Create a Living Well plan just for you
  • Meet other people living with cognitive impairment.

The content on day one is designed for people living with dementia only and day twp is designed for both supporters and people living with dementia.

*Morning and afternoon tea is provided. Please bring you own Lunch

Registration is essential! 

Upcoming dates:

Young Onset Dementia – May 2024

Wellington – May 2024

Porirua – June 2024

Kapiti – August 2024

Hutt Valley To be confirmed

For further details please contact either.

Educator- Sheena Farquhar

Mobile- 0204 025 2330

The relevant Dementia advisor

Younger Onset Dementia-