Post Diagnostic Community Services

New research released on Post-Diagnostic Community Services for people living with Dementia concludes a need for significant changes

A review was commissioned by Dementia New Zealand for The NZ Dementia Foundation to investigate ‘best practice’ for post-diagnostic community services for people living with dementia. The focus was to research all documentation and reviews in other countries to draw conclusions about what services and support model is needed in New Zealand.

The objective of this paper was to use evidence based research to help guide a new contemporary service model for New Zealand, in line with the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan* that was released in September of 2021. It is also recognised that this research will assist the recently appointed Dementia Mate Wareware Leadership & Advisory Group (DLG) which was formed in September of this year.

Dr Matthew Croucher who is the deputy chair of the Leadership Advisory Group co-authored the research (with input from Dr Mathew Chamberlain and Dr Susan Gee), found our overall position for the future is in much need of immediate attention.

The literature review put forward nine core, four intermediate and six peripheral recommendations. This reflects the scale of the changes we as a nation need, and how to prepare for future post-diagnostic support across almost every facet.

This research was kindly supported by the Lion Foundation of New Zealand.